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Hi, this is Robert Webb from Melbourne, Australia, making a diverse range of music under the name Disconnectica. Stay a while and have yourself a treat!

I have TWO new singles out now. White Noise (click to buy, stream and review) and Letters to Santa (click to buy, stream and review).

“...tonight we’ll be shining the spotlight on his latest single White Noise... With old-school wailing electric guitars and an amazing solo in the middle this is one to make you move and think at the same time.” - Dirty Harry, S.O.S., 2MCE FM

Along with previous singles Treat, Somewhere Always and Thought Bubble, my tracks got airplay on 3RRR (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), RTRFM, 4ZZZ (1, 2), Three D Radio, Tribe FM, Gippsland FM, Pulse FM, 2MCE-FM, Valley FM, 107.3 HFM and Antipodes Radio (1, 2), as well as Big Satsuma Radio in the UK (1, 2).

My music videos have won Best Music Video at the Aasha International Film Festival 2023, won Best FX and been nominated for Best Music Video, Best Original Idea, and Best Editing at the Top Indie Film Awards 2023, won Best Visual Effects, Best VFX in a Music Video, Best Avant Garde Music Film and Best New Wave Music Film at the Festival de Indie 2024, been finalists in the Cuckoo International Film Awards 2024 and the Prague International Music Video Awards 2023, received an honorable mention from the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival 2023, received a Special Mention from the United Kingdom Music Video Festival 2023, and been part of the official selection for the Europe Music Video Awards 2023, Tokyo International Short Film Festival 2024, Rome Music Video Awards 2024, Parai International Musical Awards 2024.

“The psychotic madness of Disconnectica” - Kate Kingsmill, 3RRR

“I really enjoyed listening to this song. It is so different but familiar at the same time. I am intrigued and want to hear more” - Indie Music Insider Blog's review of Somewhere Always

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